I’m new at this…

so it may take a while for this to take shape. It’s taken me much of the afternoon to choose the theme, and the title, and I have to say I’m pretty happy with the new domain I’ve gotten — mendtheworld.me. Me. Not just pointing to someone else as if it isn’t my responsibility, but me. A pretty decent reminder which I’m sure will regularly annoy me. My idea is to use this forum to think out loud about moments that seems to need pondering. Like the woman after the election who said she wasn’t comfortable placing $250K-earners in the top bracket. Thought “middle class” should extend to those that make half a million. I’m pretty sure i shouted at the radio that “middle” is barely $50K. So this will be my shouting place. But also my musing place, and I hope you’ll offer fodder for that. (Yes, Tracy, I know what fodder means.) But I’ve been taking a fresh look through a camera lens, too, and expect to post photos with some regularity. Some of them will no doubt come from various antique stores and junk sales. I do some of my best pondering over the ghosts of previous eras; those remnants cause me to consider where we’ve been and what we learned along the way. As I discovered when I cajoled Mother into joining me on an antiquing jaunt, artifacts also inspire stories, and can give generations new connections with each other. Which may be just cheap justification for an addictive hobby. But it’s also true that a serious life needs a sideline of playfulness. And i can’t really bowl anymore. So, I put rolling pins in with the wine bottles to see who’ll notice. Thanks for reading. There’s a lot to do to mend this world, and it will take all of us. Including me.

About Deb Conrad
I’m Deb Conrad, pastor, teacher, photographer, writer, antique-lover, cat-mom, wine-drinker and old-house-seeker. I have a bike by Burley and knees by Stryker. I play guitar marginally, bowl when I can. I live in Flint, Michigan, with previous lives in SC, NJ, PA, MD, Washington DC, TX, CA and KY. I founded and still help run UrbanSpirit, a poverty education center in Louisville (link below), where I meet interesting people and try to do what I can to change the world. I'm pastor of Woodside Church in Flint, a groovy place if ever there was one.

One Response to I’m new at this…

  1. Nancy says:

    I love your title — and your subtitle — for this blog. Glad you’re sharing your thoughts and your writing. I can’t wait for more!!!! 🙂

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